TimeSys Announces Availability Of TimeSys Linux GPL

TimeSys Linux GPL is a full Linux distribution for all supported embedded boards that includes everything needed to develop, deploy, and maintain an embedded platform, including not only (according to the company) the world’s lowest-latency Linux kernel, but also all the libraries, tool chains, utilities, drivers, scripts, and documentation, all distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). TimeSys Linux GPL consists of a powerful, fully featured, preemptible Linux kernel and all other components needed to extend a standard Linux distribution to support predictable, extremely low-latency response. The fully preemptible capabilities mean the kernel has bounded, mutex-based kernel locking with a new fixed priority scheduler, schedulable (meaning the developer sets the priorities) interrupt handlers, and schedulable extended interrupt handlers, including the IP stack.From their press release: “TimeSys Corporation, a pioneer and leader in Embedded Linux and Java development technologies, today announced the availability of TimeSys Linux GPL, a freely distributed, open source operating system for multiple embedded boards. Each version of the TimeSys Linux GPL is specifically designed for use with different embedded processor architectures including PowerPC, ARM, Super-H and Pentium. TimeSys Linux GPL will now support six of the most popular embedded boards, with ports to more leading boards under development for release early next year. TimeSys Linux GPL represents the lowest-latency Linux kernel available and most powerful and flexible embedded operating system on the market.”