A Handful of Linux-Related News

Wendy, spokesman and policy counsel for the Initiative for Software Choice (ISC), says he just wants to make sure government agencies don’t unduly favor open-source or free programs over proprietary software. “We want a process that is not based on automatic preferences,” Wendy said. Here is an article on how to connect securely with ssh. Neither distance nor firewalls need keep you from your servers.

Back by popular demand, the Top 50 Tips from ExtremeTech readers spanning Linux, Windows, Games, Hardware and much more. Every day this week, they’ll post a new set of top tips that’ll keep you tweaking and phreaking in bliss.

PCLinuxOnline hosts a series of articles on the Debian-based Mepis Linux LiveCD distribution. First is an overview of the distro, followed by a full review. Finally, Mepis creator Warren Woodford is interviewed.

As of 2003-07-12, LinuxInstall decided to change “RELEASE NUMBER” for LinuxInstall.org as following.


  1. 2003-07-14 7:37 pm
  2. 2003-07-14 7:38 pm
  3. 2003-07-14 7:46 pm
  4. 2003-07-14 9:06 pm
  5. 2003-07-15 12:03 am
  6. 2003-07-15 1:40 am
  7. 2003-07-15 3:07 am