eCosCentric announces eCosPro Developer’s Kit

eCosCentric Limited, the eCos and RedBoot experts, today announced the release of the eCosPro Developer’s Kit for a number of hardware platforms. Read more for the rest of the press release.The eCosPro Developer’s Kit consists of:

  • eCosPro – a stable, fully tested, certified and supported version of eCos and RedBoot
  • the latest eCos and RedBoot documentation
  • a graphical IDE (available Q4 2003 for selected platforms)
  • a prebuilt compiler toolchain (Linux or Windows based)
  • prebuilt eCos host tools (Linux or Windows based)
  • prebuilt RedBoot binaries
  • incident and advice-line support for eCosPro and (optionally) the host tools
  • additional hardware platform support not currently available for public download
  • a professional installer
  • rolling releases and extended support options
  • a PPP stack add-on for the standard eCos TCP/IP package

The inclusion of a fully tested and supported PPP stack within eCosPro is in direct response to customer demand. The PPP stack extends the reach of eCos into many new application areas.

“This is another important step for eCos users and developers”, said Alex Schuilenburg, Managing Director of eCosCentric. “The eCosPro Developer’s Kit provides organizations deploying or evaluating eCos with off-the-shelf commercial quality development tools. Developers using the kit will benefit from the stability and reliability of eCosPro and from the extensive support that eCosCentric provides.”

Bart Veer, Chief Scientist at eCosCentric, added “With an improved development environment and a stable run-time environment, the product development cycle is reduced and engineers can concentrate on their application and the product.” eCosPro is targeted at professional developers looking to integrate eCos within commercial products. The eCosPro Developer’s Kit includes an incident support package, giving developers the reassurance that problems can be resolved rapidly by experts.

Platforms initially supported by the eCosPro Developer’s Kit are:

  • SuperH – SH4-202 MicroDev platform
  • ColdFire Motorola M5272C3 ColdFire evaluation board
  • ARM – Atmel AT91EB40, AT91EB40A, AT91EB42, AT91EB55
  • PowerPC – A&M Adder PPC850 board
  • IA32 – i386 PC platform

Support for the Linux Synthetic Target is also available on specific Linux distributions.

eCosCentric will continue to work with the eCos maintainers to develop and maintain the publically available version of eCos which may be downloaded at or purchased on CDROM at