Apple’s “Secret Weapon” is a New iMac, Thanks to TimeCanada

TimeCanada was “kind enough” (someone could say that they have screwed up, and they now link their index page to – but we know a few tricks of our own to link to the ‘right page’ which they try to hide) to write a story about Apple’s new iMac, that is supposed to be revealed tomorrow during Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at MacWorld SF. At this writing, the article is still up but hidden from the front page of TimeCanada, and the date on the article is January 14, 2002. If the article will be taken down, visit Slashdot for details and lots of comments. Our Take: I am personally very dissapointed, if this is indeed the “big secret” that Apple was keeping and was hyping enormously all week. Firstly, I was waiting for something else as the “secret weapon” than an iMac update (no matter if this update may be big), and as I read in the article, while it does not give any hardware specs except the fact that the new iMac will have DVD burning capabilities, the prices start at $1300 up to $1800 USD for the highest model, and that $1300 is $300 more than the previous low-end iMac model. I do not care about DVD burning (I only want playback) and even if the new iMac can do.. coffee, simply put, this is just too expensive for me, as I was expecting to buy a new G4-based iMac for $999 as I wrote recently. Plus, the new iMac looks like an egg (that’s not necessarily bad though :). Update: Updated link and many pictures of the new iMac.


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