Gates Pitches Mira & FreestyleXP Extensions in Home

“Bill Gates yesterday unveiled two new technologies, Freestyle and Mira, designed to beef up the capabilities of the PC – and hence, Windows XP – in the home. Both are intended to let users wander around the room or house while controlling their PC; Freestyle is categorised as a set of extensions to XP, while Mira is to all intents and purposes a CE-based thin client. […]Freestyle seems essentially to be a mechanism for extending the consumer PC into a combo media centre, jukebox and TV, so is being supported by consumer PC manufacturers such as HP, NEC and Samsung. […]Mira is somewhat more ambitious, and appears to slot in between Freestyle and the Tablet PC. It’s described as a “new set of Windows CE.NET-based technologies,” and the bottom line is that it enables smart flat panel displays which you can carry around and use for browsing and control purposes.” Read the rest of the report at TheRegister, or at C|Net News.


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