First Impressions and Screenshots from Fedora Core 1

After a few coasters because of the bad quality CDs we bought at Fry’s for 8 bucks some time ago (avoid the “GQ, Great Quality” brand at all costs, they only seem to work well with selected burners no matter the burning speed used), I burned and installed Fedora Core 1 successfully. Update: Get mp3 support for your Fedora’s XMMS 1.2.8 from here (mirror). Also, here are four screenshots:First, second, third, fourth.

General impressions are positive for Fedora, it is a more polished OS than previous versions, at least visually.

Cool stuff: faster overall, metacity is faster too, the mouse code has being reworked and it gives a great smooth feeling on X. More polished UI.

Big downers: Samba 3 still doesn’t work for me via Konqueror or Nautilus (smb-client command line tool kinda works better), because it insists on connecting on my VMWare’s virtual IP address of instead of my XP’s real IP on my home network (even when I do “smb://”). It manages to connect once every 10-15 efforts (and asks for my password a zillion times, for a shared folder that does not require a password) and even then I can’t do anything with the files. Mac OS X, Slackware and… Lindows don’t exhibit the problem connecting to that machine.

Overall, Fedora worths your attention.

Update: XMMS skips when playing music files via the net (radio) when I open a new nautilus window or navigating through directories, or when loading a new web page. Pretty poor multimedia performance if I may say so. Machine is an AthlonXP 1600+ with 256 MB RAM and DMA is on for all drives.


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