BYTE’s Moshe Bar Reviews of Panther and G5

Byte’s “Serving with Linux” columnist Moshe Bar writes a brief review of his new G5, the new 15″ Powerbook & Panther. Read more for some feedback on the article from contributor Diganta Saha.“I will note that there are several errors in this article. Moshe writes: “Under the hood, Panther introduced other important features like an update to FreeBSD 4.8 (OS X is based on FreeBSD, but the previous release used FreeBSD 3.2) “. Which is wrong on both counts. Panther (10.3) is synced with FreeBSD 5.0 (editor’s note: this is not a clear cut, Panther has both 4.x and some 5.x code) and Jaguar (10.2) is synced with FreeBSD 4.4 (PDF). Additionally, the review suffers from minor
typos too: “Upon reboot, staring MS Word for the first time takes 6 seconds” (BYTE editors please make note).

The main problem I had with this article was the description of the noise generated by the dual-CPU G5. Moshe wrote “The noise the dual G5 makes is comparable to a hair dryer, and it can be heard from any room of my house”.

I had a 1.8 GHz G5 delivered to my office by our university’s Apple representative for a few days to evaluate the machine. One of the features I was amazed by was how quiet the G5 was. In order to hear the G5 operate in my office, I had to turn off the following: SGI O2, the dual-CPU PIII 1GHz SGI 320, the G4 PowerMac + all the monitors including the 21″ Intergraph behemoth monitor. The central air-conditioning into my office was still louder than my G5! Then I had to move my ear closer to the G5 casing to hear the fans operate with all other equipment turned off (only the G4 Cube is quieter than the G5 loaner I got from Apple). Later that week wrote to my Apple rep. “Those multiple fans are deathly quiet”.

Some other reviews:
Mac Addict review
“GOOD NEWS: Fastest Mac ever. Exceptionally quiet. Easy, no-tools-required maintenance” review
“Indeed, removing one of G5’s slab-like anodized-aluminum sides revealed nine fans that pump air along a network of inner wind tunnels. Switching on the Power Mac, I expected it to make a terrible racket despite Apple’s assurances to the contrary. But, sure enough, the machine proved amazingly quiet for “the world’s fastest, most powerful personal computer.””

So, when Moshe describes his dual-CPU G5 to be loud as a hairdryer I am very skeptical. Giving Moshe the benefit of the doubt of having a faster ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card, he might have received a G5 with defective thermal sensors or something. Has anyone out there experienced their dual-CPU G5 with a ATI 9800 sound like a hairdryer???”


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