Borland to Ship C++ Builder 6

Borland on Friday will ship a new software development tool for C++ programmers. The new version, Borland C++ Builder 6, features support for Web services, allowing developers to build software that is accessible over the Internet via PCs, cell phones and other handheld devices. The cost is $2,999 for the enterprise edition, $999 for the professional edition and $69 for the personal edition. In other development news, Rational Software on Tuesday introduced a new software development tool that is compatible with software from Microsoft, IBM and Sun Microsystems. The software company, which has worked mostly with Microsoft in the past, announced Tuesday that its new XDE Professional v2002 product will work with Microsoft’s Visual Studio.Net development tools and IBM’s rival WebSphere Studio development tools. The XDE, or extended development environment product, has also been designed to support IBM’s Eclipse IDE, software based on Sun’s Java technology.


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