JNode 0.1.6 Released

JNode just released a new version, 1.6. Some of the new features are listed below:
Added CHARVA based application support. Charva is now fully supported. Try charva.awt.Tutorial for an example

Added workmanager for asynchronous execution of small pieces of work
Added device startup timeout detection
Implemented method inlining
Removed interpreter, all code is now compiled before being executed
Improved the garbage collection, it is now triggered after 75% of the free memory has been allocated
Finalization now works according to the specification
Moved build to Ant 1.6.0
Addition of initial jar support
Addition of read-only NTFS filesystem driver
Update the console management to work with named consoles instead of indexed consoles.
New shell command available to manage consoles.The command has the alias “console”


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