Terra Soft Presents Yellow Dog Linux Roadmap

Terra Soft Solutions completed the first Yellow Dog Linux developers summit, resulting in a two-year Yellow Dog Linux roadmap for PowerPC. With the next release of Yellow Dog Linux Terra Soft will offer 32-bit and 64-bit products built upon Red Hat’s RPM-based Fedora.From the press release:

‘Yellow Dog Linux’ — Terra Soft’s 32-bit offering will continue to be offered from Terra Soft pre-installed on Apple computers, from Terra Soft’s on-line Store in Geek Edition and box set packaging, through retail stores world-wide, and for download from YDL.net Enhanced and the public FTP mirrors.

‘Y-HPC’ — Terra Soft’s new 64-bit offering will be available pre-installed on Apple, IBM, and Momentum 970-based hardware, from the Terra Soft Store, and for download from the forthcoming YDL.net Professional account.

Built on the 2.6 kernel and 32-bit libraries, Yellow Dog Linux will officially support Apple USB-G3s, G4s, and G5 towers. Built upon the 2.6 kernel, both 32- and 64-bit libraries, Y-HPC will provide full 64-bit support for 970 (G5) based systems, offering double-precision, 16GB (8GB tested to date) memory addressing, and the gcc 64-bit tool chain.

At present time, 64-bit computing enables applications to address up to 16GB of RAM, enabling very large datasets to be held entirely in memory. 64-bit also enables ‘double-precision’, referring to the number of decimal places processed natively by the CPU. 64-bit code is typically associated with high performance computing while 32-bit code is associated with home, office, internet and application servers.

Yellow Dog Linux will be offered on 8 CDs, 4 application and 4 source, in order to maintain support for older systems. Y-HPC will be offered on 2 DVDs, one application, the other source.

Built upon Yellow Dog Linux v3.0.1, a beta version of Y-HPC is now available for download via YDL.net Enhanced accounts, offering double-precision, 8GB memory addressing, 64-bit tool chain, and the 2.6 kernel.

Both Yellow Dog Linux and Y-HPC are slated to ship with the close of May.

Our Take: Terra Soft has made it clear to me in the past that they are shooting mostly for the enterprise/server market, so I was wondering why base their new solutions on Fedora and not upon the RPMs of Red Hat Enterprise Server.


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