PDA Which Runs Windows/Linux/UNIX OSes to be Unveiled at CeBIT

According to Tiqit, although this feature was previously considered impossible to engineer, the eightythree is not a concept product. Instead, Tiqit says it has built -a mass produced- a fully functioning x86 handheld device out of cutting-edge but available parts, designed specifically for enterprise use and immediate production. […] In terms of components, eightythree’s CPU is the National Semiconductor Geode, 266-300 MHz, RAM is 128 MB or 256 MB, and there is a 10 GB hard drive. The screen is a 4-in 640X480 TFT (18-bit color) with touchscreen and backlight. The external monitor displays up to 1280 x 1024 at 75 Hz, 1024 x 768 at 85 Hz. eightythree is powered by an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery. […]”This product will greatly accelerate adoption and use of handhelds in the enterprise,” said Ian Blasch, CEO, Tiqit Computers. “It uses standard operating systems — Windows XP, Linux or UNIX — and is compatible with all associated applications, including legacy software. Almost anything you can do on a laptop or PC, you can do on eightythree — only it is smaller and more mobile.


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