PostgreSQL vs MySQL, a Year Later

“To many people, PostgreSQL and MySQL seem like similar, alternative databases. Both are quickly gaining popularity. Based on the track records of older versions, there’s a lot of debate over the speed of PostgreSQL and the durability of MySQL. But times have changed and each database has progressed. On both counts, the two packages are the closest they’ve ever been, so when deciding which to use in a Web application, a developer doesn’t always have a clear winner. […] If you’re looking for a database to prop up a Weblog or portal, you’ll find that many such packages rely on MySQL. It should be possible to port them to PostgreSQL, but if you’re looking for a turnkey package, chances are you’re not interested in doing too much porting work. If you’re migrating from Oracle, Sybase, or Microsoft SQL Server, I suggest PostgreSQL. Like those databases, PostgreSQL has triggers, stored procedures, and a rich set of built-in functions (including many functions for date manipulation). Also, PostgreSQL procedural language is easy to learn if you’re familiar with Oracle’s PL/SQL and SQL Server’s Transact-SQL.” Read the whole shootout article over at WebTechniques.


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