Robert Watson announces IPX/SPX now MPSAFE on FreeBSD 5.x

In two posts on BSD News pointing at e-mails from Robert Watson, a FreeBSD Core Team Developer, presenting both recent accomplishments relating to IPX/SPX and the general status of SMPng and the network stack are discussed. He describes how some of the last sections of the network stack are now being swept up permitting them to run with the MPSAFE network subsystem, as well as the on-going optimization work to clean up some of the added costs of parts of the model. It makes for quite an interesting read, and shows how several years of intense development by a focused team of developers have being paying off with dramatic increases in SMP performance and fairly low (and decreasing) cost in the UP case. He also points at upcoming changes that will further improve performance, including Giant being removed from the UFS file system in the near future. You can read more about Robert Watson’s network stack work on his personal netperf page, or the recently created nFreeBSD project netperf page. These pages discuss both the original locking work, and new optimization work. You can also read about Project Dingo which builds on the netperf work to bring many new networking features to FreeBSD.


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