July-December 2004 FreeBSD Project Status Report

Scott Long has released the latest FreeBSD Project status report, describing technical and documentation activities of the FreeBSD Project over the last six months.The report covers activities from release engineering (and 5.3-RELEASE), to secure binary updates, to low level kernel support for interrupt routing, network stack locking, and a broad range of network feature and optimization development, not to mention ongoing work on the ports tree and packages such as OpenOffice. There are 44 separate submissions, ranging from personal projects to team efforts.

The reports were voluntarily submitted by developers and other team members for the projects they were working on, so doesn’t cover everything that has happened, but the submissions help to illustrate the high level of effort going into FreeBSD each day. Look for another report next quarter covering the work on 4.11-RELEASE and 5.4-RELEASE, as well as ongoing work on 6.x!


  1. 2005-01-18 2:58 am
  2. 2005-01-18 4:13 am
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  6. 2005-01-18 12:48 pm
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  10. 2005-01-18 7:38 pm
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