Some Mobile Optimizations

I just finished a quick round of mobile rendering optimizations for our sister site, (automatic detection of mobile browsers included, just as for OSNews). The mobile mobile support of the site is not as good as OSNews’ is, but it should serve well all smartphone & PDA users, as irritating horizontal scrollbars are now a thing of the past (tip for Netfront/iMode users: use the ‘smart fit’ mode with GnomeFiles, tip for Openwave‘s browser: use a phone with v6.2.0 and above). Also, browsers that hit the site and we know that they can only do WAP, will be automatically redirected on GnomeFiles’ WAP site. In other site news, our other sister site, OS Galaxy is expanding quickly. Join OS Galaxy if you are in the OS-related business and you happen to blog about it. Update: More optimizations, Gnomefiles should render respectably now even on 128×128 phone screens.


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