PalmV as Make-up Case, Native AvantGo for OS X, Smartphone News

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and your geek personality has trouble picking up a gift for your (semi-geek) girlfriend? Look no further! FiraCosmetics has released lip-gloss and shadow make-up kits that look like the legendary PalmV PDA!Elsewhere, MarkSpace posted version 4.0.3 of their PalmOS sync utility for MacOS, adding support for the Fossil wrist watch PDA and a native AvantGo conduit.

Infineon Technologies, Samsung Electronics, Trolltech and Emuzed today announced the world’s first UMTS/EDGE smartphone reference design based on the Linux operating system. The reference platform showcases many advanced 3G and multimedia services such as UMTS/EDGE dual-mode voice calls, video calls and video streaming, high performance multimedia applications (H.264, MPEG-4, AAC+, MP3), ultra-fast Web browsing, stereo loudspeaker with 3D audio and Java-based 3D gaming.

Also, PalmSource unveiled a Smartphone Reference design with Cobalt and TI Processors.


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