NetBSD pkgsrc now supports multiple checksums

NetBSD‘s Alistair Crooks has posted his monthly account of the changes to the Packages Collection in February 2005 to the tech-pkg mailing list.According to Alistair, there were 5377 packages
in the NetBSD
Packages Collection
, up from 5331 the previous month, a rise of 47 with
many notable updates as well. An important change in the pkgsrc
infrastructure was made due to the recent
that collisions have been found in SHA1: pkgsrc now supports
multiple digest algorithms and distpatches and all the distinfo files in
pkgsrc have been updated, where possible, to use multiple checksums. More
details, including the Package of the Month Award, can be found in Alistair’s

Also, xen2 was merged with NetBSD-current.


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