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Microsoft Responds to Interoperability Concerns

The launch of Microsoft's new interoperability principles have been both cautiously welcomed and sceptically scrutinised as the company goes about convincing the IT industry that it is genuine in its pursuit to provide interoperability with rival products, more consumer choice, less vendor lock-in and greater collaboration with the open source community. Here, Microsoft Australia CTO Greg Stones gives some obviously polished PR-approved responses to questions from Computerworld regarding the motivations behind support for ODF and PDF, what the software giant is really gaining by providing support to rival formats, and the ambiguities in its Open Specification Promise. He also gives a painfully polished response to CNN's senior editor's claims that the company is trying to eliminate free software.Typical Microsoft PR response to tough questions, but interesting nonetheless....

Mandriva Linux 2009 Plans Announced

Mandriva has released the planned schedule and technical specifications for its next release, Mandriva Linux 2009. These can be found on the Mandriva Wiki. The schedule calls for a first alpha release on June 25th, with the final release set for early October. Planned features include KDE 4, Firefox 3, 3, a new design for the installer, a live distribution upgrade mode for MandrivaUpdate, and improvements to many of the Mandriva tools. Take a look and see what you may find on your system when the final Mandriva Linux 2009 release is available.

Cocoa for Windows + Flash Killer = SproutCore

RoughlyDrafted Magazine has posted an in-depth article that examines Sproutcore, an Apple-backed Javascript framework that approximates Cocoa on the web. The article examines why using HTML, Javascript, and CSS just may win the battle with Flash, Silverlight, and Java for rich internet application deployment. Sproutcore enables web developers to create full-featured cross-browser web apps an in a Model, View, Controller convention, much like Rails. The Sproutcore site has some great tutorials that show off the framework.

Apple News Roundup

Now that the WWDC08 keynote has come and gone, we've learned very little that we didn't already know. The iPhone 3G will be here on July 11, and will retail for $199 for an 8GB phone, $299 for a 16GB phone, available in white or black. OS X 10.6 will, as expected, be code-named "Snow Leopard," additional details to follow for sure. The App Store will feature some amazing new software, and Apple's new MobileMe is mere weeks away. Watch the "read more" link on this story for continued updates from around the web. If you'd like to read the play-by-play on the WWDC announcement, see Macrumors Live. UPDATED within.

IBM Releases Lotus Symphony 1.0

Last week, IBM unveiled the first version of their offshoot, Lotus Symphony. Symphony is aimed at professional users in a corporate environment, but brings to many UI enhancements in an attractive, single tabbed interface. Symphony 1.0 runs on Windows and Linux; while the site used to suggest a Mac version was forthcoming, there is currently no reference to a Mac native version of Symphony. The Lotus Symphony website has been updated to reflect the recent release, however, downloads are very slow at the moment "due to high demand."

Some Changes to Moderation

Today, after much feedback and evaluation, we implemented some changes to the way OSNews "moderation" works. Previously, we had a dual-purposed feedback system - an "up" vote was based on agreement, but a "down" vote was based on specific rules. We've changed the way things work around here, read more for the details.

Happy New Year… Tell Us What to Expect in 2008

From all of us at OSNews, we'd like to wish you a happy and healthy new year. In honor of the new year, we'd like to ask you: what headlines do you expect to read in the tech world in 2008? Are you expecting iPhone rev2? Or maybe Vista SP1's success? Perhaps Hardy Heron's world domination? Will Google's Android swallow the cellphone market? Can Facebook continue to rule the roost in social networking? Tell us what you expect in the comments!

ACPI Attohackathon: Developer Interview

ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) is the de facto standard to replace APM. As such, it's becoming increasingly important for full support on newer machines, as legacy support for APM is waning and ACPI-only machines become more common. Recently there was a flurry of commits related to ACPI, which got the attention of some people running -current with ACPI enabled kernels. In this interview we get a peek at what's been happening with ACPI and where it's headed.