Episode 38: Eat My Socks

On June the 7th Apple will do some stuff about some stuff and everybody will write lots about said stuff. We discuss a bit of this stuff and the problems Apple are facing with their stuff impacting our stuff. Moving away from Apple we give time to Amiga news on three fronts with MorphOS, AROS on Imica and Aeon’s X1000 with its yet-unknown processor. If Thom has gusessed wrong, he’ll be dining on a humble-pie / sock taste infusion. Lastly, debate on processors of another kind where we discuss ARM and x86

Here’s how the audio file breaks down:

0:00:36 “Apple”
0:41:35 “Amiga”
0:55:00 “Linux, ARM, x86”
1:06:43 Meta
1:08:32 (Total Time)

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The intro / intermission and outro music is a Commodore 64 remix “Turrican 2 – The Final Fight” by Daree Rock.

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We genuinely hope that you enjoy the show, and that we’ve managed to bring up original points in our discussion. Do follow up what you picked up on in your comments!

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