Episode 5: Can’t Do Mental Arithmetic Edition

It’s Friday, and a little sooner than normal (because Kroc will be away for the weekend) we bring you the 5th instalment of the OSNews podcast. We will discuss the Windows Conficker situation, the chances of nettops in the current market, and, of course, the outcome of the Pirate Bay trial which made a splash today.

This is episode #5 of the OSNews Podcast. It has come a little sooner than normal because Kroc is away for the weekend, so we decided to record the podcast on Friday.

Here’s how the sound file breaks down:

37:36“Pirate Bay”
57:36(Total Time)

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We genuinely hope that you enjoy this, and that we’ve managed to bring up original points in our discussion. Do follow up what you picked up on in your comments!

We are always open to your feedback. Please either leave your comments on the site, or send us an email to osnews-crew@osnews.com.


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