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Don't say they didn't warn you. Apple posted a year-over-year decline in revenue today, the first time the company's failed to grow its business in 13 years. It brought in $50.6 billion in revenue for the second quarter of 2016, and $10.5 billion in profits. That compares with $58 billion in revenue and $13.6 billion in profits during this period last year, a drop of 13 percent for the revenue.

Apple isn't doing badly, it is still one of the most valuable and profitable companies in the world. But it hasn't found a new blockbuster product to pick up the slack as iPhone sales have slowed in many parts of the globe.

All product categories are down too - iPhone down 16%, iPad down 19%, Mac down 12% - but obviously, they're still selling an amazing number of each of these. No, Apple isn't doomed - anyone who says so based on these numbers is an idiot - but it does show that Apple has been unable to find the 'next big thing' after the iPhone (for now!).

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better job than cook
by crocodile on Wed 27th Apr 2016 12:22 UTC
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The magic was in having a job and not a cook!

Many iLovers will start leaving the ship.

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RE: better job than cook
by darknexus on Wed 27th Apr 2016 12:50 in reply to "better job than cook"
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Except, what do we go to that offers the integrated experience Apple once had? Android? Windows10 and Mobile? I suspect many iLovers, as you call them, will hold on and hope they buckle down and improve things. iOS 9 and the updates to OS X are, at least, promising. I've been dealing with Windows 10 for a few days and I already want to tear my hair out. I'll hold on to my Macbook Air, thanks.

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RE[2]: better job than cook
by grat on Wed 27th Apr 2016 16:04 in reply to "RE: better job than cook"
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Fascinating... You say integrated experience, I say vendor lock-in walled garden.


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RE[2]: better job than cook
by judgen on Wed 27th Apr 2016 17:55 in reply to "RE: better job than cook"
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Wonder if the recent surge in "Snow Leopard" capable mac prices on auction sites like ebay is some kind of response by the long time apple users?

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