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San Francisco Bills IBM for Linux Love Notes

PC World reports that IBM has reached a settlement with the city of San Francisco for $120,000 in damages to pay for the cleanup of its Linux graffiti campaign in the city. Our Take: Maybe these "Peace, Love and Linux" ads are a bit weird, but I just love this huge "IBM DB2 Outperforms Oracle" ad just right in front of Oracle's office buildings, viewable from the highway, near my house. This sort of marketing competition between IBM and Oracle is at least... funny.

Big Blue’s $40M Giveaway to Open Source

IBM announced on Monday that it will donate $40 million of its software tools to the public domain in a move to create an open-source organization aimed at developers. An organization called Eclipse will make available some of IBM's software programming tools to developers to create applications for e-businesses and Web services. More than 150 of the leading open-source companies, such as Linux distributors Red Hat and SuSE, along with Merant, QSSL and Rational, will be part of the Eclipse community.

Free IBM Software Evaluation Kit for Linux CD

Get a free CD containing IBM Linux middleware products, tools, e-busines roadmaps, and documentation. The IBM Software Evaluation Kit for Linux CD contains the following: IBM WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Edition V4.0 for Linux, IBM DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Edition V7.2 for Linux, Lotus Domino Server Release 5.0.7a for Linux, IBM MQSeries V5.2 for Linux, VisualAge for Java, Professional Edition Version 4, Web Services tools, Java and XML tools, e-business documentation and roadmaps.