posted by Gürkan Sengün on Sun 3rd Apr 2005 11:36 UTC
IconRegularly as always here are the new GNUstep GUI 0.9.5 libraries. GNUstep libraries can now installed much easier using the one startup tarball.

This version allows you to compile and run without patching GNUstep. I think this is great news for people who want to write portable software as you can just take your GNUstep sources and compile it on Mac OS X (natively against Cocoa) and vice versa. For those hanging on the old times, here are some old (but nifty) screenshots of OPENSTEP. Frederico Munoz is working on a which is also coming along great. If you just want to give this all a try, here's the live cd (though still based on 0.9.4).

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