posted by Eugenia Loli on Thu 5th May 2005 17:47 UTC, submitted by Andre Eisenbach
IconJimmy Wennlund has been doing to Linux what Apple has done to Tiger: Make it boot faster. Jimmy wrote initng, a replacement for the Sys-V style "init" application. It allows for better service dependency checking and will start services in a highly parallel fashion, dramatically speeding up the Linux boot process.

initng , like Apple's launchd, breaks somewhat from the traditional Sys-V style init scripts. It is however very easy to configure and setup. Unlike launchd, it does not use XML for it's configuration files.

Initial tests show that initng can dramatically speed up the boot process on single processor machines, and should result in even higher gains on multi-CPU machines. initng is currently considered beta-quality software and will require additional users, documentation writers and developers to become a very viable alternative for Linux users.

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