Introduction to immutable Linux systems

If you reach this page, you may be interested into this new category of Linux distributions labeled “immutable”.

In this category, one can find by age (oldest → youngest) NixOS, Guix, Endless OS, Fedora Silverblue, OpenSUSE MicroOS, Vanilla OS and many new to come.

I will give examples of immutability implementation, then detail my thoughts about immutability, and why I think this naming can be misleading. I spent a few months running all of those distributions on my main computers (NAS, Gaming, laptop, workstation) to be able to write this text.

I haven’t given any of these a try just yet, but I feel like this is where the Linux desktop is going. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing – I need both more experience as well as read more informed opinions about it – but I do like the concept.


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