posted by Eugenia Loli on Sat 21st May 2005 17:15 UTC, submitted by Raffaele
IconThere is an interesting and brilliant article on Morphzone about various solutions of approaching installation procedures into Amiga-like OSes and mainly into MorphOS operating system.

"Is it really necessary to install a program?". This is the question risen by the article, and it shows also new guidelines which could be adopted on future Amiga-like OSes. It is written by Doctor_MorbiusFP (alias prof.Fulvio Peruggi) and by programmer Tokai (alias Christian Rosentreter).
Professor Peruggi also donates the community two AREXX scripts which could help any user in literally "trapping" any installiation procedure into a directory-tree (different from the default one) that replicates System Hard Disk Partition on Amiga.
You can find full article here.

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