posted by Eugenia Loli on Thu 2nd Jun 2005 00:17 UTC
IconIt's been a few years since we ran such a poll. Let's see what most people prefer these days.

Note: The poll is now closed, thank you for voting.

Important note as a reply to some comments: Who ever claims that osnews is pro-gnome is a flat out idiot (no one at uses gnome in the first place, not even myself anymore). The reason we closed the poll 7 hours after it opened was because we had to go to sleep and could not monitor it anymore, because this outsourced poll engine CAN be tampered with by script kiddies (we were hit 5 times in the past by script kiddies, so we HAVE to be EXTRA careful). The poll had to be open for as long we were around and I personally stayed awake for more than I should have just to give more time to this poll (I slept at 1 AM local time, long after my husband went to bed). But instead getting a "thank you", I get crap from all these people over here and elsewhere that draw their OWN lame conclusions as to why we do the things we do and how, without even asking first. They think they know better. And besides, after 3,000 votes it's a good indication of what people like and what not like. Serious scientific polls usually don't even use more than 1000 subjects, we are happy having more than 3,000 in 7 hours for this fun poll. Other news web sites don't even get more than 500 votes in weeks!

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