posted by Adam S on Mon 11th Jul 2005 18:39 UTC
IconHave you ever gone on vacation and missed a day's news? Ever have a busy day and need to quickly catch up on what you missed? Well, your problems are solved with the new OSNews Digest. Read on for details. UPDATED

As part of our OSNews version 3 upgrade, we're proud to present The OSNews Digest. The Digest is an email publication that includes the headlines and "teasers" of the news posted on each day. Currently, The Digest is a daily publication, but we will be offering a weekly version in the near future.

To subscribe to the OSNews Digest, simply login, visit your your preferences page, and select your digest preference. Each day, you can expect to see an email containing the latest technology related news.

The digest is still a work in progress, so we may change the format slightly, but if you want a preview of The OSNews Digest, you can click here.

I have activated the weekly and "originals" digest. The weekly digest will be sent out once a week and contain headlines. Our "Originals" digest is also sent out weekly, and contains just the original articles from the last 7 days.

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