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"Zeta 1.1, page 6/7"

I later realized I could have more easily mounted the thumbdrive by right clicking the desktop, going to mount, and then selecting the thumbdrive device. I simply didn't notice it before, even though I had gone into that exact menu location. Of course, once the device is mounted, you can drag and drop files to/from it using tracker.

I have a Canon PowerShot SD450 digital camera. When I plugged the camera into the computer with Zeta running, I noticed the camera was correctly identified by the USB preferences panel, which I still had up on the screen (though, had I not had the USB preferences in front of me, there would have been no other visual clues the camera had been recognized by the operating system. Personally, I don't mind that. In fact, I prefer it. I don't like popup bubbles, barking puppy dogs, and talking paper clips).

I then went to Zeta -> Software -> Tools -> PhotoGrabber to see if I could download the images from my camera (putting the PhotoGrabber program in the Tools menu seems like an odd place to put it in my opinion).

At first, PhotoGrabber didn't seem to know my camera was there. So I selected the file menu drop down and went to preferences. In there I saw that the option for PTP USB camera was set to type 1. I set it to type 2 and then exited the preferences. I still didn't see anything in PhotoGrabber so I exited the program and restarted it. When PhotoGrabber came back up, I could see my images. At that point it was a simple matter of clicking on the pictures I wanted, and then clicking the download button.

For another bit of hardware testing, I plugged my Sony DCR-PC5 digital video camera into the firewire port of my computer (again, there was no visual feedback to let me know anything had happened). When I went to Zeta -> Software -> Video -> dvg, and then clicked "video preview", I got a nice large window showing me the video feed from my camera. I didn't have to change any settings or configure anything. I didn't attempt to download or capture video from my camera at that time. I'm not really into video editing that much. At that point, I just wanted to see if Zeta would find my video camera.

While testing my USB memory card reader, I managed to totally lockup the computer. There was no response from the mouse. The cursor was frozen in place on the screen. And when I pressed the num lock key on the keyboard, the LED didn't go off. After a minute, I hit the reset button on the computer. The computer rebooted quickly. Zeta didn't complain about an improper shutdown, but right about the time when you would expect to see your Deskbar, and desktop icons, the system did nothing. I moved the mouse and the cursor was responding, so I waited a couple of minutes. I quickly grew tired of waiting so I reached down and unplugged the USB memory card reader. As soon as I unplugged it, the system finished booting. Apparently there was some kind of hardware conflict.

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