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7.2 New Deal Inc.

This company took over development of PC/GEOS, naming it 'NewDeal Office' in 1996 to compete in the education space with Microsoft. NewDeal Office required far less hardware resources than Windows 95, suiting older equipment perfectly. The last version was NewDeal Office 2000 before New Deal Inc. went under and PC/GEOS passed hands once more.

7.3 Breadbox Ensemble

PC/GEOS returned again in 2002, after Breadbox Computer Company LLC took up the OS, finally licensing all the rights to GEOS in 2003.

Geoworks were eventually beaten out of the market, disappearing from the map around 2004.

7.4 Airset

Geoworks was not the end of the line; in 2003 Airena was formed to produce products for managing information with mobile phones. With some of the GEOS programmers onboard their first product 'Airset' is a web/java application that lets you manage bookmarks, to do lists, calendars & contacts between a PC and Mobile phone.

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