posted by Thom Holwerda on Fri 25th Aug 2006 11:19 UTC, submitted by René Rebe
IconT2 SDE 6.0.0 has been released with various prebuilt .iso images for AMD64, i386, PPC, PPC64, and SPARC64. The various architectures include support for Intel Macs as well as Sun's T1 Niagara CPU, and ship with Xorg 7.0, GCC 4.1.1, KDE 3.5.4, GNOME 2.14.3, and much more. T2 SDE is not just a common Linux distribution - it is a flexible open source System Development Environment. T2 allows the creation of custom distributions. Currently the Linux kernel is used - but they are expanding to MINIX, Hurd, OpenDarwin, and OpenBSD.
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