posted by Eugenia Loli on Wed 21st Aug 2002 05:34 UTC, submitted by dave_sn
IconOpera, the self-described "fastest browser on earth," has decided to jettison its legacy code in favor of something a little faster. The Oslo, Norway-based company is on the verge of releasing a trial, or beta, version of Opera 7, which will resemble its predecessor only in superficial ways. The rendering engine--the heart of the browser, which interprets code pulled down from Web servers--has been rewritten from the ground up over the past 18 months.

Our Take: In two years time, Opera has jumped 3 numbers in their versioning scheme. Especially the jump from version 4 to 5, was a marketing decision for the most part, in order to catch up with IE. This whole version jumping is not really important, but it doesn't make them look good either... Especially in the eyes of other developers.

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