posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 30th Jan 2008 05:32 UTC
IconOSNews has been reporting, since its start in 1997, on the world of operating systems, their applications, their hardware, and their people - both users and developers. OSNews has seen 3 major rewrites, various personnel changes, and numerous topics of discussion, some way beyond the original scope OSNews started out with over a decade ago. Today, we are announcing a major shift in what we do, with which we hope to re-ignite OSNews - yes, we are shifting our focus. Read on for the details.

If anyone didn't get the hint: we're not shifting focus away from anything. If you had been paying attention to your RSS feed even before 4.1, you would've already known - may I introduce, as part of the OSNews overhaul, the OSNews comic (first mentioned here):

The Focus Shift logo.

Named after Be, Inc.'s infamous shift away from the BeOS operating system, Focus Shift is supposed to lighten the tone on OSNews, to introduce lightheartedness among the often heated and way-too-serious debates - to shift the focus away from the serious stuff, so to speak. Apart from that deep justification, it's also quite the catchy name. And it's a BeOS reference. And let's face it, that makes it perfect for OSNews.

So, what will it be? The target is three comics a week: Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday-Thursday, Friday-Sunday, with the option of publishing more if we want to, of course. The comics will focus on the news we run, but sometimes, they may be about other things too. Occasionally, we will even make fun of ourselves (easy), and maybe even our (regular) users. You have been warned.

The comics reside at /comics, and look exactly the same as any other newsitem, including comments, recommendations, moderation, and so on. They will not (I repeat, they will not) appear on the frontpage between normal newsitems - we may offer that as an option for our users later on. As you can see, there is a link to Focus Shift in your sidebar, including a nice cropped section of the current comic.

I hope you will enjoy reading Focus Shift as much as I enjoy making them. A final note: be gentle with me when judging Focus Shift. I can break, and David lost my receipt from the Annoying Editors Shop.

For now, the comics fall under the default copyright of OSNews. In the future, a Creative Commons license will be chosen. Hotlinking is allowed, but please be nice and include a link back to the Focus Shift page.

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