OSNews’ Support for Konfabulator on OS X and Mobile Devices

There’s a cool little app called Konfabulator for Mac OS X that allows you to display, build, and modify little “widgets” for your desktop, like the weather, a clock, or the OSNews top stories, updated continuously! Screenshot here. Thanks to Adam Pearson for the source sample. Additionally, we added support for a truckload of mobile devices and we would need your help testing them.Please note that when we say “support” we mean that the vertical sidebar on the left and all the ads, won’t show. You get a clean, much faster to render simplified interface with no ads and no nested tables. It should render well on browsers that support automatic reformating/resizing to fit in the small resolutions that these devices carry.

(Tip: KDE Konqueror 3.1 users can check out this interface by setting their user-agent to “Lynx” or “w3m” from Konqueror’s menu, or set OmniWeb to “w3m”.)

So, in addition to Mozilla’s sidebar, AvantGO, OpenWave, WAP (wap.osnews.com), Opera’s sidebar, T-Mobile/Danger’s SideKick/HipTop, text-based browsers (Lynx, Links, w3m) etc etc, we now added direct support (no need to load the “home.php” anymore) for these devices:

Mobile phones that carry HTML-capable browsers from AU, Access NetFront, J-PHONE, DoCoMo and OpenWave’s UP browser version 6 and above. Especially if you are in Japan and you have access to some of these phones, please let us know how we render.

Support for Symbian Opera and other browsers that use the EPOC user agent string (some high-end phones should do, please let me know if this actually works ok without ads).

Support for PocketIE and Windows CE devices, including popular PDAs based on PocketPC.

Better support for Opera under Zaurus and for the main Zaurus browser.

Support for Nokia Communicator GeOS’ based devices.

Support for WebTV, SONYBrowser Playstation 2 and Dreamcast.

Support for all… obscure devices that send a HTTP string for resolutions 640×480 and below.

If your device does load osnews as it is indented (no vertical bar, no ads) but it doesn’t render correctly making reading impossible for some reason, please let us know about it by emailing us. Thanks!

Update (July 18 2003) Added support (no ads showing, much faster rendering) for OmniWeb on NeXT machines, any PalmOS browsers including PalmSource’s and Blazer, Oregano for Risc OS, IBrowse, Voyager and AWeb for Amiga, Voyager for Risc OS and Voyager for QNX.


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