posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 29th Apr 2008 10:36 UTC, submitted by Innova
IconSome more information regarding PsyStar and its Opencomputer have surfaced, that try to dispel some of the doubts surrounding the company. Last week, the company posted a video online that supposedly showed the inside of the company, as wel as a bunch of OpenComputers running Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Windows XP. In addition, a Gizmodo reader has sent a video to Gizmodo where he shows off his OpenComputer.

The video tries to prove the computer in question is really the one booting Mac OS X that you see on the display (and not a Mac Mini tucked away under the desk). System Profiler identifies the machine as a Mac Pro, but Software Update won't work. I must say, the case looks virtually identical to the ASUS chassis that houses my ageing x86.

The user later also sent a set of photos to Gizmodo, including shots of the interior of the machine, System Profiler, and, most importantly, the shipping sticker on the box of the machine. It comes with a still shrink-wrapped copy of Leopard, so you cannot re-install the operating system yourself.

Despite the above, I'm still a little bit sceptical about the whole thing. As a comment on the Ars coverage of these new developments tells us, the user in question only registered at Gizmodo this month, and only commented on the PsyStar stories, raising suspicions he might be affiliated with PsyStar in some way.

My original advice stands: wait for a big, established website (like Ars) to receive review models of the machine, before placing your orders.

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