posted by Amjith Ramanujam on Thu 10th Jul 2008 06:16 UTC
Icon360Desktop is a software that extends the Windows desktop into a panaromic desktop, with unlimited space. In addition, "it allows users to easily grab their favorite web content from across the web, and put it right on their expanded desktop". Demo of 360Desktop in action.

I had an email exchange with Evan Jones the founder/ceo and asked him if this software can be used with multiple monitors. Here is the response:

  1. 360 wallpaper displays and can be panned on "primary" monitor;
  2. Any web widgets and webpage widgets that a user creates, can be put anywhere on any of the monitors (any number);
  3. The application scroll on multi-monitor is disabled; (multi-monitor users typically want to place their applications on different monitors, not plan)
  4. For users that want the 360desktop to span multi-monitors, we support the "span" mode offered by many video cards, where the existing desktop area spans across two monitors rather than creating a new desktop space.
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