posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 1st Oct 2008 21:30 UTC
IconEven though I'm still not quite sure what "the cloud" actually is (it's the internet, right?), Microsoft has just announced that it will be releasing 'Windows Cloud' at its Professional Developers Conference later this month. Windows Cloud (a temporary codename) will apparently be based on Windows Server, but with new features and characteristics. Steve Ballmer made the announcement at a Microsoft-sponsored conference for IT managers in London.

Some of the new features include geo replication, management modelling, and an SOA model. "We're not driving an agenda towards being service providers," Ballmer explained, "but we've gotta build a service that is Windows in the cloud." I must admit that I have absolutely no idea what that means. To me, the cloud is just a fancy name for the internet, and I can't imagine how to put Windows in that cloud as a service. I could make a lame comment about how a cloud is basically vapour higher up in the atmosphere, but I'll refrain.

More interestingly though, Ballmer acknowledged the existence of Midori, a rumoured post-Windows operating system. He emphasised it's a research project.

Our big problem is there's just no secret that gets kept in Microsoft. The guy in the office next door to somebody working on Midori is not supposed to know about Midori. The last thing we want is for somebody else to obsolete us, if we're gonna get obseleted we better do it to ourselves.

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