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IconApart from well-known editions such as the normal Ubuntu and Kubuntu, the Ubuntu project includes several other variations as well. One of those is Ubuntu Mobile, which targets Mobile Internet Devices and netbooks. While this release currently uses GNOME Mobile, Canonical's David Mandala has stated that they may look at Qt 4.5, which will be released under the LGPL, as a development environment.

Mandala explained that the team is looking at a better alternative to GNOME Mobile (the Hilton framework).

We will be looking at a better framework than Hildon for screen input. Hilton is about to change and watch this space. Intel and Nokia are creating a huge amount of change so hang tight for a couple of months. The KDE stuff and Qt is getting LGPL which will change the whole space. So watch this space as it is changing dramatically. We will chose the best tool.

Ubuntu Mobile with tag along with the upcoming Jaunty release, and will also have a six month release cycle. It will be released as a stand-alone installation image. "It's a completely supported Ubuntu distribution and will get every six month updates. We've ported the main repository, and compiled Universe," Mandala said. "About 500 packages are still not built out of some 10000."

Jaunty, and Ubuntu Mobile, is supposed to be released in April 2009.

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