posted by Thom Holwerda on Thu 26th Feb 2009 09:31 UTC, submitted by itomato
IconA few days ago, we concluded (yes, we did!) that it was cool to run Windows 3.1 on your Nokia N95 using Qemu. Of course, the Apple world couldn't stay behind, and now we have one of Apple's obsolete operating systems running on the iPhone: System 7, also using Qemu.

If you long for the days of a grayscale Mac OS, without memory protection or any of those other pesky modern shebang thingies that only bloat the operating system (who needs memory protection anyway), you can now relive the glorious days of System 7 on your iPhone. Well, as soon as the code is out, anyway.

All the credit obviously goes to the guys over at the MacOS iPhone Project. They plan on releasing the code soon enough, but they want something relatively complete and working first. We can add this to the list of cool but totally pointless things you can do with a mobile phone.

Next on my list? CDE on my Nokia E71.

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