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IconThe ReactOS team has pushed out version 0.3.9 of their Windows NT-compatible operating system. In case you're new to OSNews, the ReactOS project aims to create an operating system that's compatible with the Windows Server 2003 kernel and Vista's Win32. This new release brings a whole slew of improvements.

The most important changes are neatly summed up in the release announcement, but more detailed information can be found in the changelog.

  • Reduced minimum memory requirement to 32Mb. In theory ReactOS can now be installed with 24Mb and run with only 20Mb
  • A new, faster Hyperspace Mapping Interface has been implemented in the kernel resulting in a speed improvement of over 300%
  • Security check improvements to the Object Manager in the kernel improves performance by 500%. Noticeable during large file/registry operations
  • Various NDIS and AFD problems have been solved which increase compatibility with 3rd party NIC drivers and hardening of the network stack
  • Preliminary support for sound via the new Kernel Streaming service. It's now possible to use the ac97 driver via our new Port Class library to play sound bytes using winamp
  • A great deal of work has been put into the command prompt to make it much more compatible. It's now able to run very complex scripts, including our own Build Environment
  • Many bugfixes to the kernel mode portion of the GDI resulting in much improved drawing engine across all bit depths
  • Synchronization of most of the Wine usermode DLLs

You can get this new release from the download page.

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