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IconWhen I read this item in the backend submission queue, I must admit that I thought it was a fake, and I must say that I'm still not confident enough about this one. A Korean company held a press event today during which it launched its Tmax Window operating system. Built on in-house technology, they claim it has 100% compatibility with Windows software. Update: A lot more information in this article.

The company is called TmaxCore, but since my Korean is a little rusty, all I have to go by is a press release being propagated around the web. They've been hyping this one up for a while as well, and as promised, the unveiled the system today at the Grand InterContinental Hotel in Seoul. Sadly, few sites not written in Foreign seem to be reporting on this one, and I obviously wasn't there either.

Anyway, what does the press release claim? Full, 100% compatibility with Windows. They say it has been built over the past 4 years, using their own technology; this page should shine more light on the innards - at least, if you can read Korean. There's also this page which details kernel features - it sounds pretty awesome.

"TmaxCore has consulted with vendors of computer parts and major PC manufacturers to conduct extensive interoperability and driver compatibility tests, and is now moving quickly toward releasing a finished product," the press release reads, "After a one-month test period starting in October, during which general users can 'test-drive' the product for free, Tmax Window will be available for purchase."

Furthermore, there's this feature list:

  • Compatibility with MS Windows and MS Office suite
  • Stability through microkernel and avoidance of "feature bloat"
  • Compatibility with applications from a wide range of operating systems
  • A database management system (DBMS) included for efficient data management
  • Security settings that can be tailored to the individual or enterprise user
  • User interface that feels familiar to users of MS Windows

Apparently, it boots very quickly, and during the demonstration, it ran Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, and it's also capable of running UNIX applications. Interesting, but I'm still very sceptical. I'll reserve judgement until I get my hands on Tmax Window.

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