posted by David Adams on Tue 25th Aug 2009 21:37 UTC
IconOkay, if ever there was an off-topic post, this is it. In yesterday's Ask OSNews article I drew a comparison between using a hard-to-learn but superior nail puller and an "easy-to-use" one and similar truths about OSes. An OSNews reader who has also invented a better nail puller emailed me to tell me about his tool, the Nail Jack, and I think it's pretty cool. So I thought, "I'd bet that there are some tool-loving OSNews readers out there who would be interested in winning a cool hand tool." So I'd like to announce OSNews' very first hand tool giveaway drawing. Read More for details. Updated: winners announced

To win, send an email to and put "OSNews giveaway" in the subject line. The good folks there have committed to give away at least one of each of their models, depending on how many entrants there are.  A winner will be chosen at random, no purchase necessary, etc.

You may be thinking, well I'm an OSNews reader and I (or my company) makes something cool.  Why can't I get attention for it at OSNews too?  Well, you can.  If you have a product and you'd like to sponsor an OSNews giveaway, let me know.

Update: Congratulations to Gregory Plummer, Marshall Brown, Victor Meyerson, Ian Baker and Roger Weis.

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