posted by David Adams on Fri 6th Nov 2009 16:18 UTC
IconA few weeks ago, we asked you for ideas on interesting interview subjects. You had a lot of great ideas, and we started contacting people. We'll probably be working through that list for many months. We've decided to start with three interviews: Timothy Normand Miller from OGP, Michael Dexter at Linux Fund and the Arch Linux Team. We've created a "conversation" for each interview subject over at our conversations area. For the next few days, we're going to collect interview questions in the comments of those conversations.

We'll pick the best ten or so, edit them into an email-based interview, and send  them off.  Both readers and OSNews editors will be participating in the question brainstorming session. I've seeded the conversations with a few questions of my own. Feel free to take an earlier poster's question and tweak it.   If you have more ideas about interview subjects that weren't suggested in our previous story, please include them in the comments for this posting.

Timothy Normand Miller from OGP
Michael Dexter at Linux Fund
The Arch Linux Team

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