posted by Thom Holwerda on Sun 17th Jan 2010 23:38 UTC, submitted by OSGuy
IconJust when you thought the legal battle between Nokia and Apple couldn't get any more convoluted, Apple has filed its own complaint with the US International Trade Commission, seeking to have Nokia's products banned from the US market because they infringe on Apple's patents.

So, to get this all in order: Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement back in October, which was followed by a counter-suit from Apple in December. Nokia followed up by filing a complaint with the International Trade Commission regarding a different set of patents, while also adding 14 more patents to the original lawsuit.

And now Apple has retaliated by filing its own complaint with the ITC, in which it wants to invoke section 337 of the US Tariff Act of 1930. Under section 337, the ITC can actually ban Nokia products from entering the US market if they are found to infringe upon Apple's patents.

"Nokia will study the complaint when it is received and continue to defend itself vigorously," Nokia spokesman Mark Durrant told Bloombeg, "However this does not alter the fact that Apple has failed to agree appropriate terms for using Nokia technology and has been seeking a free ride on Nokia’s innovation since it shipped the first iPhone in 2007."

This is getting uglier by the week, it seems.

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