posted by brynet on Thu 15th Jul 2010 16:55 UTC
IconAs of April 2010, a silent change was made on Foundry27, users with a myQNX account could no longer checkout/update their copies of the QNX SVN repositories and a vague Wiki page was created "detailing" some licencing clarifications.

It appears this may have happened due to the Research In Motion acquisition, but perhaps there were other reasons. It's amusing how at first they wanted to make the development of QNX more "transparent" and now it's back to being proprietary, and hobbyists are no longer permitted access to the following components, as mentioned on their site:

QNX6 microkernel, userland, libraries, GUI (Photon) and other aspects of the QNX Neutrino operating system.

The only portions left available are a few drivers, the ported NetBSD networking stack, and some other community initiated Foundry27 projects. A lot of technical sites covered the opening of QNX6 development and source, but, none have mentioned this recent relapse of the project, no longer is it open to study by hobbyists.. at least in source form. Very unfortunate.

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