posted by David Adams on Mon 26th Jul 2010 00:30 UTC, submitted by boulabiar
IconJust after 3 weeks of the binary compatible vp8 decoder release, the FFMpeg team still impressing us but this time with a new benchmark of their own vp8 decoder. The new ffvp8 decoder written independently using pre-existent FFMpeg code-base is now the fastest vp8 decoder with margins going more than 30% faster than Google's official codec specially on 64bit machines.

The developers stress that work on ffvp8 isn't done, and they have lots of optimization work to do, such as on the Atom, which they haven't even begun, along with PPC and ARM optimizations.

This is an awful lot of good work being done by volunteer developers. If Google is serious about supporting VP8, they should give some serious thought to putting these guys on the payroll.

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