posted by David Adams on Thu 29th Jul 2010 16:47 UTC, submitted by suka
IconDuring the currently ongoing GUADEC conference in Den Haag the GNOME release team announced that GNOME 3.0 would be delayed for another six months and is now scheduled for March 2011. "We could release in September and have something working that is okayish, but it's not up to the standards we have" release team member Vincent Untz explains the reasoning. There's coverage of this issue at and an official GNOME press release.

It's interesting that the reason for this news is their adherence to an every six months release schedule. It's not really all that uncommon for a big software project to slip its deadline. And for software that depends on a lot of volunteer labor, it would be pretty amazing if it could adhere to a clockwork schedule. But the volunteer nature of the GNOME team here is actually key to what's going on. Instead of delaying a couple of months, and getting the product out as soon as possible, as would be done with any commercial software, they decided to stick to their regular schedule, skip a release, and spend the extra time on testing and polishing up the featureset.

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