posted by Thom Holwerda on Sun 12th Sep 2010 11:34 UTC
IconThe iPhone jailbreak community is on a roll lately. Not only did the US Library of Congress do the right thing by adding the jailbreaking DMCA exemption, the two major jailbreak application stores - Rock and Cydia - will merge into one. Cydia will acquire Rock, an all Rock applications will be moved into Cydia. There's also some impressive statistics in here that indicate just how popular jailbreaking really is.

Cydia and Rock - or SaurikIT, LLC and Rock Your Phone, Inc. - have been existing side-by-side for a while now, both with their own advantages and disadvantages. Now, however, after months of talks, the two have come to an agreement in which Cydia will acquire Rock.

The transition will be smooth, and the applications and licenses you bought in Rock will automatically transfer over to Cydia. Under the arrangement, Cydia's Jay Freeman will continue to work on the framework stuff, while Rock's Mario Ciabarra will focus on what he loved the most anyway: developing applications.

"A few months ago, Jay and I sat down together and we realized, I enjoyed making apps more (and was better at it), while Jay enjoys providing platform functionality," Ciabarra recalls, "It was a win-win for both groups and we're excited about the transition."

For this occassion, Rock also released some very impressive statistics about how popular the application store really was. Rock has been installed on 4.6 million unique iOS devices from 220 countries/territories. There are more than 2 million registered Rock users who together bought 500000 application licenses. Between March 12, 2009 and September 2010, sales reached a total of more than $3.3 million.

Cydia's Freeman details why this acquisition makes sense. "Rock ended up wasting a ton of effort reimplementing Cydia, while SaurikIT got dragged into an 'apps battle' to compete with the Rock exclusives from Intelliborn," he explains, "The primary goal of this new world, then, is to put everyone 'back on task', with a true collaboration rather than this incessant competition."

This is great news for the now legal jailbreaking community, and will reduce confusion among newcomers to the scene - of which we'll probably see a whole lot more now that the cloak of relative secrecy can be discarded.

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