posted by Thom Holwerda on Tue 2nd Nov 2010 20:03 UTC
IconEvery now and then, you get these news item that make you feel like something's wrong. The item doesn't make sense, shouldn't be possible, and yet it is. Despite Microsoft's newfound commitment to web standards, it's still incredibly unnerving to see things like this - the W3C's first HTML5 compliance test, in which Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 6 outdoes all other browsers.

While the specification is not yet complete, and while the tests only cover a portion of the HTML5 specification, it's still incredibly strange to see Microsoft's Internet Explorer come out on top. Sure, it's a test release, but then, so are the other contestants in the race (except for the Safari version used in these tests).

See? Told you unicorns were real. Cough up the glitter, b***h.

As you can see, Internet Explorer 9 is outperforming other browsers when it comes to HTML5 standards compliance. Great news for the web, people.

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