posted by Thom Holwerda on Wed 8th May 2013 14:22 UTC
IconThis is one of those news items that's fun to write, fun to read, fun to comment on, and where no one will be able to say anything unkind. It's all just one big ball of awesome fluffiness. TuneTracker, the BeOS radio automation software, has just released something very special: TuneTracker System 5, the first version designed entirely and specifically for Haiku. In fact, it actually includes Haiku in the software package. Better yet, TuneTracker also unveiled several system-in-a-box products - which have Haiku and TuneTracker pre-installed.

So, what, exactly, is TuneTracker? It's a radio automation software package, which is actually quite an apt descirption, surprisingly enough. "Our radio automation packages offer TuneTracker's legendary automation stability, huge format flexibility, a powerful music selector, built-in Internet streaming, local, live-assist, and satellite capabilities, touch screens, and in Command Center, just about every imaginable automation feature including a remote administration option," the product page explains.

The new version, System 5, has just been released - and for the first time, it's released for Haiku. "While BeOS has always been, and continues to be, a rock-solid performer, Haiku is equally solid and dependable, and runs even faster on the same hardware," the press release states, "Under Haiku, the TuneStacker music selector/program log generator can build an entire day's program log, randomly selecting all the music, even with aggressive proximity protection, in a few seconds. Haiku has the added benefit of being open source and under active development by programmers around the world."

This is a very big deal. Sure, TuneTracker is a professional softweare package for a very specific purpose, but it's been designed from the ground up around BeOS' strength, and because of this, it makes extensive use of features unique to BeOS, and now Haiku, such as its file system. Haiku's performance, of course, runs circles around heavy modern operating systems, making it ideally suited for software like this.

Cooler yet, you can also buy systems with Haiku and TuneTracker pre-installed. Again, these are specialised machines with a specific purpose, but we're still looking at hardware with Haiku pre-installed, and I have to say - I find that quite awesome. "It was clear to us that Haiku 4.1 and TuneTracker System were indeed a match made in heaven," its developer, Dane Scott, writes, "There were no gotchas or compromises. Everything just worked. Everything just ran. It still gives me goosebumps to think about it. And fast? My gosh. There's no launch time for anything. You double-click on it and it's there, even TuneTracker itself."

Awesome news, this.

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